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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  March 27, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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campaign trail tomorrow. we have some great guests coming up. we'll have the wrap upof the supreme court, and we'll see you all back here tomorrow night. ♪ >> welcome to the young turks. >> a moment of silence for trayvon martin. >> also, really important developments in the case. turns out the lead investigator wanted to arrest him. what happened? we'll tell you in a minute. also eye riley. >> nbc priced itself. >> whose side am i going to be on o'reilly's or sharpton's?
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find out later in the show. >> why does mitt romney want to destroy his $12 million house? >> 8100 square feet! >> i'll tell you what, you might not believe what he's going to put in place of that house. it's unreal. you know what else it is? it's go time. >> now we find out from abc news in the in the trayvon martin case the 17-year-old african-american that was shot by george zimmerman where there's been no arrest, the leading investigator wanted to arrest zimmerman. he thought they had enough.
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he didn't believe zimmerman's account of the story. it was he leading the state investigation here, what little there was at the time, who said do not arrest him. so that is a fascinating twist in this case, we'll have to see where pressure comes on then to justify those decisions and now that we know that, it's a terrific thing that wolfinger has stepped aside and there's now a special prosecutor following this case. the fact that the lead prosecutor wanted to arrest him that night is a very important development. that hasn't stopped the conservative attacks against poor trayvon martin. remember he's the one that died. here's emotional pleas from his parents saying to stop these attacks. >> even in death, they are still disrespecting my son and i feel that that's a shame. >> the only comment that i have right now is that they've killed
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my son and now they're trying to kill his reputation. >> so, how are they doing that? >> well, they got some damaging tweets. they went and found his twitter account, didn't like the name involved in the twitter account and they have found two original tweets some retweets with two original tweets out of 150 that apparently were wrong and this is what they're to us now on conservative blogs: saying i can't believe he came out with that and he didn't. it's a song. >> oh, my god he quoted a song! that's so dangerous. what kind of 17-year-old quotes a song? >> he said i'm on top of the world, two seconds later, i'm on top of you girl, lol rackn ha
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world approximate boy you really got him. so what, he needs to be shot? how are we going to smear this guy? we got tweets. let's go with this. it's really gross. joe oliver is trying to push his version of events and as he's doing that, the whole side of the zimmerman case is being presented and abc news hat a new version of events from zimmerman's side. let's watch that. >> new zimmerman's statement to police offering a different account of who escalated things that night: >> zimmerman followed martin anyway. his friend, joe oliver who spoke to zimmerman late tuesday said after following martin for a while, zimmerman thought he lost the 17-year-old so headed back to his car when suddenly. >> trayvon came up behind george and asked him what was going on, if he had a problem and after
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george responded no, i don't have a problem as he reached for his phone that's when trayvon cold cocked him. >> cold cocked him with what? his skittles? poor george zimmerman with his gun was randomly attacked by trayvon martin after he chased him down. we can't ask trayvon what happened, because george zimmerman killed him. that's george zimmerman's friend. here's more from the investigation: >> now the reason i point this out is because how convenient, again, we don't have trayvon martin to ask this question to and after they don't arrest you weeks later, you can come up with any story so what story are you going to come up with?
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i thought my life was in danger because he grabbed for my gun. that's why i shot him. it's very, very, very convenient after all this. now, joe oliver is going to take it to an absurd level next. >> i was surprised i mean that's the term that i listened to over and over on there and to me, it's a matter of interpretation of whether he's saying coon or goon. there are a lot of parts of this country where people proudly call themselves coon asses virginia in particular. on the other hand, i'm a 53-year-old man and i don't know too many people who younger than 40 who use that term as a racial slur. >> really? interesting. we looked it up. >> doesn't sound very endearing
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or positive. why would you chase after somebody with a gun and give them an endearing term? it's absurd. one of the guys who came up with the defense of zimmerman was geraldo. >> i think the hoodie is as much responsible for trayvon martin's death at george zimmerman was. >> all right. everybody thought that was absurd. finally, thank god, one of those critics came up with an apology and says quote. i apologize to anyone offended by what one prominent black conservative called my potentially life saving campaign urging children not to go around wearing hoodies. i have obscured the main point that someone shot and killed an unarmed teenager. the most absurd apology i ever heard, i'm so sorry for being
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right and you wrong. thank you for joining us again. now, first of all talk to me about these attacks and you know, i don't even know what motivates a human being to think ok somebody's been shot. let me see what's wrong with that person. let me see when they got suspended from high school and what tweets they had. what do you think is the motivation? >> i think we to have put this drive to smear martin in the context that no one wants to confront the outrage over a pattern of racial profiling and the set of collective experiences of racial discrimination. this isn't about trayvon. if no one protested if there wasn't outrage an effort to pull back racial profiling, if that were not the response, i don't think you'd see as much smearing. the smearing is designed to justify the current state of
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affairs. that's really what it's about. >> the idea is if anyone charges anyone with racism around the country, we have to defeat that. >> wheat have to admit there's systemic racism. this isn't about zimmerman's personal racist. the point is you can be someone that thinks highly of black person but taking up racial ideas of criminalized dangerous young black men and act accordingly. that's what we have to confront, our nothing obsession with this. >> it's a projection and they feel so defensive about it. we're not racists no, i can't believe that you're bringing racism into it. we didn't make it political. we just said the poor kit came shot. they came in with the political attacks against trayvon martin. some people are criticizing reverend sharpton and reverend
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jesse jackson. >> let's not play this double standard of trying to demonize who is dead and sanitize who was of the cause of the death. >> the blood of this martyr has illuminated the darkness and we shall maintain our vigilance and actions until justice is done. >> those might seem like reasonable comments, but the past president of the naacp in texas said they were race hustlers and buzz arizona circling the cashing kass of this young boy. what are your thoughts on that? >> the first thing is where is this race hustler a reverend from? he has been trotted out from somewhere. no one wants to confront the reality, so we have to find a way to discredit. let me put it in a different context. let's take sharpton and jackson off the table.
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what do you make of millions of people. are they all just do thats of these two gentlemen? of course not. what is the acceptable mode of challenge, concern passion which is a multi-racial audience. this isn't just black people upset, these are all americans saying look, we still have an issue, all the criminal justice system and all the date that around it proves it. let's stop trying to discredit it. we don't go forward together in a state of denial. >> by the way you bring if there's any issue they should have brought to light it's this one. and i see you made a really great point. they find some random guy who used to be the president of naacp in gar land texas and all of a sudden he's all over the conservative and i are going i don't like jackson or sharpton. pretty convenient. brilliant as usual thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks, cenk, great to see you. >> i'll come back to reverend
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sharpton and see if he's doing the right thing in the media coverage of this. looks like president obama's health care plan is in serious trouble in the supreme court and i am going to rip into conservative hypocrisy on that issue when we come back. >> there is no reasons americans can tolerate a federal judge who is that out of synch. >> who would you enforce that? wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowo whether the globe is warming, we're debating things like how much warming will we see in what will be the precise impacts on brought patterns in north america. there are still issues that are being debated, but the fact that we're warming the planet is not one of them. >> all right. that is michael mann with his book, "the hockey stick and the climate wars." coming up the
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power of public outcry. plus the war on women continues to rage. republicans are now going to even greatest length to take away a women's right to choose. you have to see this. and later we'll head out to the campaign front as we enter the etch-a-sketch of the gop primary. we're just getting started at the war room and we want you to have a seat at the table. go to to connect with us and make your voice heard. we'll be right back.
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>> that was at the supreme court today and of course, the republicans said that if obama's health care program passed, we would have armageddon in this country and of course we didn't. now they're trying to destroy it through the supreme court and it didn't go well today in the supreme court. here's what justice scalia said. >> the argument here is that this also is maybe necessary but it's not proper because it violates an equally evident principle in the constitution in that the federal government is not supposed to be a government that has all powers, a government of limited powers. that's what all this questioning has been about when is left if
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the government can do this, what else can it not do? >> everybody thinks of scalia as some sort of legal genius, if they can do this, what else can the federal government do? >> hey how about when you were deciding bush v gore, what happened to limited government then? no you trampled all over state's rights, you went into florida's business, told them how they could or could not do a recount. you didn't give a damn about the limited powers of the government back then. this is the most activist judge there is and all he cares about is what do my republican pay masters want me to do. this is a guy who hunts with dick cheney and goes to koch brothers fundraisers. he is a fraud. he apparently has convinced some of the other justices, so now previously legal experts believed that president obama's team would win this or now
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definitely not so sure. listen to jeffery cuban. >> this was a train wreck for the obama administration. this law looks like it's going to be struck down. all of the predictions including mine that the justices would not have a problem with this law were wrong. >> why is he saying that? not just because of scalia. he doesn't actually pay attention to the case, what do the republicans want? i'm going to vote that way. god, i can't tell you what a fraud scalia is. we go to kennedy the swing justice here, he's conservative but sometimes he's sane. what did he say? he said the individual mandate is a step beyond what our cases allow. that's when everybody rang the bell and said oh, no, we got serious trouble here. he asked this question, do you not have a heavy burden of justification to show authority under the constitution? saying that the heavy burden lies on the obama administration to prove that the mandate is constitutional.
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that is another very bad sign. but you know, it's interesting because if the judges did this, well what would they be if they overturned -- health happened in 75 years overturning the principle piece of legislation that a president has proposed. wouldn't they be activist judges? well the republicans have been warning us about activist judges forever. >> the courts have become grotesquely dictatorial and ms. reading the american people. >> we will look at an arrogant out of control unaccountable judiciary that thumb their nose at congress and the president. >> you keep attacking the core base of american exceptionalism and you are going to find an uprising against you to rebalance the judiciary. >> i wonder if there may be an exception where judges are
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making political decisions yet are unaccountable to the public, that it builds up and builds up and builds up to the point where some people engage in violence. >> oh, so when judges go against your political philosophy, then they are arrogant, out of control and might lead to an uprise that go causes violence. when they do the same exact thing but agree with you thumbing their nose at congress and the president. isn't that exactly what the conservative justices are threatening to do right here. all of a sudden you love them, right? you hypocrites. by the way who came up with the mandate that is threatening this entire law in the first place? republicans did! orrin hatch was a co sponsor and had a whole line of conservative senators who actually backed the
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mandate back in the day and you have romney -- in fact, we have it on tape, watch. >> this 1993 legislation said each individually who is a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the united states shall be covered under a qualified health plan or an equivalent health care program. >> as i understand, the plan is that every individual has to, has to buy health insurance if their company doesn't provide it and if they're too poor, the state will give it to them or help them buy it, correct? >> that's a pretty fair statement. >> i am for people, individuals exactly like automobile insurance, individuals have been health insurance and being required to have health insurance and i am prepared to vote for a voucher system giving individuals on a sliding scale a government subsidy so to insure has individuals have health insurance. >> i like mandates. the mandates work.
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>> beg your pardon. you like mandates. >> let me tell you what kind of mandates i like. >> the ones you come up with. >> all those republicans on the record saying that they love the mandates president obama introduced. as soon as he introduced it, how dare you that's so unconstitutional! never agree with the republicans! the minute you do, they will turn around and blame you for it and try to destroy your very program because you made the mistake of putting that republican proposal in there which they now say is unconstitutional and get their cronies in the supreme court to vote their politics rather than any governing philosophy. you get a clear sense of what a fraud scalia is and all those conservative justice no
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activism, i want limited government, boohoo and the minute they get a chance, i want to overturn the laws, i don't like obama. >> as you can tell, it makes me a little angry. lets bring in ian he was there today in the court. so talk to me first of all even, is it as bad as it seems in terms of the proclivity of these justice to want to overturn the mandate? >> it was pretty bad. we weren't following the constitution of the united states today. the actual constitution says congress can regulate commerce. when you're talking about a that you takes up one sixth of the nation's economy that's a whole lot of commerce being regulated. there was a question at the end from justice kennedy that gave me hope, wait a second, there are problems here that congress needs to address. i'm not 100% convinced we're
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going to lose, but this should have been a slam dunk case. >> what drives me crazy is you can tell from the intros, the hippocrases. if you didn't have all their past opinions and b.s. rhetoric, the idea that it might not be constitutional is not that crazy. what would be crazy if they switched. >> that should be a really easy question, severability is the issue that if one part is struck down, how much of the rest of it goes with it. it has to be evident is the word that the supreme court has used in the past that congress would have preferred no law to some
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law. the problem here though is there are seven justice on this supreme court who if they follow their own past opinions, not someone else's opinions, their own would have to uphold the individual mandate. if they're willing to throw their own past opinions out god help us when we get to the other issue. >> that's my principle source of anger here. i feel the media gives them credence because they write eloquently or speak eloquently and i feel their lays, the rest of the media scalia is using that s.a.t. word, he must be brilliant. what is the republican position, i don't give a damn what i got to twist to get there? >> i guess if you're the sort of person you think citizens united was correct the only thing they characterize is those decisions and tons of other decisions
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decisions cutting off people's actions to class actions,ability to hold corporations accountable at court. they're pushing an agenda. in this country, our policy should be set by people we actually get to elect not by five unelected judges who serve for life. whatever you think is the affordable care act what happened today should terrify you. we're looking at a wholesale transfer of power from the people we can vote in and out of office to the people we can't. >> all right. thank you so much for joining us really appreciate it. remember, scalia, when it comes to state's rights as an example when it's discriminating against gay people, it's yes i love state rights, when it's allowing medical marijuana or euthanasia, i hate state's rights. which one is it you big blow hard? all you do is say republicans what do you want me to vote for and they call that guy a genius?
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that guys a leers. when we come back, we're going to give you some campaign news including an in sane new house that mitt romney is going to build. when i heard about it, i literally couldn't believe what he's going to put in a house.
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>>i'm a political junkie. this show is my fix. [[vo]]this former two-term governor is ... i know this stuff and i love it and i try to bring that to the show. >> i'm sitting here wondering, i
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wonder who the banks are with, which party are they with? >> oh look, the math is done for me. securities investment industry has given 92% of their money to the gop in this election cycle. gee, which side are they on? i can't quite tell. all right 92% gop. of that, do you know that mitt romney has gotten 72% all by himself? there was over $33 million in donations and romney bagged 72% of it. that i wonder who the bankers want to win. i can't quite tell. let's look at the largest source of donations for romney. goldman sachs number one j.p. morgan chase and third well, credit suisse. this is a foreign b bk.k. i don't knknhaha thiuy i i doingin takingg f fei moneyeyikik this.. o doeoe romney represent?
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i can't quite tell. now, of course, really knee's going to take this money and robo corps is going to attack with it. here comes robo corps. >> some negative ads some positive, $35 million in negative ads $1.1 million in positive ads. 35-1 ratio basically. all he does is take banker money and destroy his opponents. gee, i wonder what's going to happen in the general election? i wonder what's going to happen when he wins the presidency? what's robo corp going to do? seek to destroy the 99% instead of the 1% he represents. speaking of the 1%, does michael have a story for you about mitt romney's house. >> there's a $12 million house. when you here $12 million house
7:32 pm
you don't think hey i've got a nice tear down. mitt and anne romney have purchased a house on the sea cost of san diego maybe their own private san clemente, let's look. it's made lots of news. let's look at what some people are reporting on this home. >> three years ago, mitt and an romney bought this house for $12 million. now they want to demolish it and go bigger. >> romney wants to enlarge the currently two bedroom home to make room for their five married sons and 16 grandchildren. >> here's mitt's jointly. imagine paying that kind of money and demolishing the house and building an 8100 square footer. tight down here, lahoya ocean front, and you got to find a place to put your walls so people don't bug you.
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>> well, we thank jim the realtor for that in the san diego area, some of that footage. it is incredible. we are not here to punish the rich, but this man is running for president of the united states, being credit sized for his distance from people. the way he has money and the way others don't and his actual flaunting of it from two cadillacs to that. >> if i had a quarter of a billion dollars like mitt romney i'd blow it up, too and get a ridiculous house. it would be fun for everybody. in this new house that he is going to build the basement is as large as the hold house which people just saw. amazing. >> in order to build that basement, they have to remove 1500 square cubic feet of earth in order to build that. they've hired a lobbyist. can you imagine? they've hired a lobbyist to
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hobby the city, has already made four lobbying itself in the city of san diego. that lobbyist has donated $1,000 to the romney campaign, his only contribution to a political campaign, ever. >> that's amazing. to me, you said $21,000 worth of renovations in your house i'd say that's crazy. he pays that to the lobbyist to help him get the renovations. >> the insanity here what is they're putting in. let's look at what they're putting in, every home needs this i guess. here we go. this is a car elevator. an elevator for the car. it goes blow ground, bringing the cars up. anne has two clocks. you think they need that. each one of those costs $55,000 to have one of those put in. i assume with anne's two cars
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and one of mitt's, they're going to have to spend 100 sitting $5,000 to do that. a.c. lifts has not been contracted to do the romney home. they provided us the video to see what that looks like. >> first of all the average american doesn't have $55,000 for a car, let alone an elevator. the average american doesn't make $55,000 let alone have that for a car elevator in their house. how over the top are you? again, he's rich, he can do whatever he wants. >> they're not rich. ask his wife, they're not rich. >> they can bring out their house all they like. it's a terrible idea in the middle of the campaign when you're the 1% to put car elevators in your house. >> it doesn't matter what rich people do. there are nba stars that have these. let them do what they want.
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this man claims to represent the entire country and he really doesn't. he's turned a tin ear to it. he is not hearing any of the criticism of this stuff. >> absolutely. michael, thanks, man we appreciate it. >> when we come back, from a candidate with a ton of money to a candidate that's running out of money and who is really sadly desperate, that's newt gingrich. >> newt gingrich, 50 bucks a pop to take a picture with him? seriously? [ laughter ] >> he needs it! message created by a current tv viewer for >>(woman) don't wait for her to make the first move. >>(man) don't talk about your third or forth date. >> (several people speaking at the same time) >>(woman) be yourself. >>relax. >>thats...
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attack on women that perhaps the majority of the population woke up? >> idaho is not known as approaching act i.v. you had hundreds of women show up, thousands signed petitions. they made their voices heard. what happens is that now, the legislators are running scared. very similar laws have passed quietly in other states for the past 10 years, really in the past two years have intensified. pennsylvania a similar law was shelved, idaho this proved to be political poison. women are paying attention and having their voices heard. >> thanks for coming in. >> the aclu considers a demand that to get a job you have to let an employer open your private mail, the senate wants to make it illegal to hand over a password to your facebook
7:39 pm
account. >> we are back on the power panel. i've got a great panel today. he had door in chief at think progress. it's think progress day at the young turks today. arthur delaney from the huffing to know post. let's start on afghanistan. unform, three more nato soldiers have been killed involving afghan security forces. 1,788 troops have been killed overall and in the last five years, 80 nato service members have been killed by afghan
7:40 pm
security forces who we are supposed to be working with. it's not working out that well, in fact the american people realize it and the washington post i'm sorry narc times poll said 690% of americans disapprove of the war. of course, there are one group of people who do approve of the war, that is the defense contractors who in 2010 made $25 billion in profits so i'll get into those numbers in a little bit, as far as what a disaster this war is. all right let me start of course on -- with you you look at these numbers it seems very, very clear that the american people have no interest in this war anymore. the only people that seem to be interested in it are the defense contractors. am i being too cynical saying they are driving this or partly driving this? >> remember the resolution calling for withdrawal from
7:41 pm
iraq starting to become a movement that led to the withdrawal. he was courageous and out there all alone? i don't see that same kind of activism and courage around afghanistan. i think to be critical a little bit of the progressive base, even in the activism on line when we try to write stories about this isn't to the level that it used to be with iraq. i can't explain it. >> that's super easy. you're soft pedaling it. president obama wants to stay in afghanistan. since he says it, most of the democrats bow their heads and go along. >> he has a soft deadline of a couple of years away to get out. there isn't that kind of rush to kind of move in that direction right now. >> arthur, now plurality 44% say let's get out right now and it's a much bigger number than the people who say let's stay
7:42 pm
until 2014. there's some mental people who want to stay past 2014. what's stopping president obama? is it that oh, my god military commanders would criticize me, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah? >> i guess it's something like that. he has got this plan for u.s. forces to withdraw by the end of 2014 and he's going to stick to it i think if he were to change course in election year, the republican presidential candidates would happy criticism on it and it wouldn't be worth it. >> they're going to heap criticism on him no matter what? ok. i know he's been like oh, my god, i've got to duck away from the republican criticism. you know what might help? >> he has no position on this. >> you're right. he has no position and the republicans are frauds you're right. you know what helps in an
7:43 pm
election? being with 69% of the american people. that's what helps. call me crazy. i got to move on total second topic because this dude is actually crazy. newt gingrich is in disastrous shape, now asking for money if you take pictures with him. let's show you a little clip here. >> newt gingrich, 50 bucks a pop to take a picture with him seriously? >> he needs it, he absolutely needs it. >> and there he is, and he's saying come on, look, i'll take 20 bucks anything out of your packet i'll take your loose change. please take a picture with me. >> is there anyone or who is the person for whom you would pay $50 to have a picture with? >> you faiz. >> obviously this guy is running out of money. i think he's going to hang on until he can get a book deal. he's got two ideas on the table
7:44 pm
one oh to blast the liberal media and talk about how they screwed his campaign, the other is to blast the romney death star and how romney sunk him from first place to last place. there's some book deal to be made for newt gingrich, newt, inc. >> one last thing here, our crack research team did investigation, turns out there's a guy you can get a picture with for 40 bucks it's pee wee herman. literally, he charges $40 newt charges $50. which would you rather have your picture taken with given those prices? >> i'll go with newt. what would you do with a pee wee picture? i would laugh and laugh and laugh. wait until he gets more desperate, drive down the price. we've got to leave it there i'm out of time. thank you, both of you.
7:45 pm
>> when we come back, we've got somebody who is an ardent defender of president obama. i'm a little bit more critical. we're going to have an interesting conversation. >> i'm going to vote against passage of this bill because it would remain far do deeply flawed even if [ male announcer ] cookies with smooth caramel and chocolate. ♪ ♪ hmm twix. also available in peanut butter.
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twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. >> there's something called a jobs act a fraudulent bill that has nothing to do with jobs. all it does is make fraud really simple. almost every expert in the field says that, let me quote consumer federation of america: >> now why is she blaming
7:49 pm
democratic senate leadership? because president obama as always agreed with the republicans and helped to get it passed. in fact, there's a great article from the washington post explaining that he boxed in the democrats saying: >> which makes sense which is why half of the democrats voted with the republicans because they're like what can i do, the democratic president said he agrees with the republicans it seems like there's bipartisan agreement. if i vote against the press is going to call me outside the mainstream. congratulations, president obama, another brilliant job helping the republicans. this is why progressives are getting incredibly frustrated with president obama. we get a different look at our administration. this book, showdown.
7:50 pm
i like david a lot. i think it's a fascinating book and i largely disagree with it. david, tell me about how president obama has been brilliant in handling one concession after another to the republicans. >> to begin with, cenk, this book is not an pal gee for president obama it's an inside the white house behind the scenes narrative of what went on after the mid term disaster selections for the democrats in november 2010, going to the lame duck session when you have, i thought tremendous victories in don't ask, don't tell, i thought at the end of the day we can argue about the tax cut deal that was best for americans and the job package sort of teeing up the campaign for 2012. it's not for me to say whether it's brilliant for not but i think people who want to figure
7:51 pm
out where the president is coming from, particularly if they want to disagree with the president from a progressive stance or any other stance will find a lot in this book to agree with disagree with or more importantly, chew over. >> david, i'm not a republican. i'm not on fox news. >> i've noticed. >> i don't know if you can tell. i am not in the camp of you criticize the president no matter what. that's crazy talk. has the president done positive things? of course he has. fair pay act for women appointing two progressive supreme court justice the list goes on and on. those are very positive part of the president's agenda. when you look at all the concessions, budget deal, debt ceiling, jobs act the deregulation, the more drilling, and a perfect example is today he put the mandate in the health care bill and the republicans turn around and go thanks for using our idea, now we're going to kill it unconstitutional and
7:52 pm
kill your whole law with it. why does he keep agreeing with the republicans when it makes no freaking sense. >> i hope you get to read the whole book. this is not to defend him but he is a guy who believes, and this is probably what frustrates you really the most, cenk is that maintaining progressive ideals as he has said in the past, his preference is for a single pair system but in working practicing maltically through the system which does hail trying to strike compromises and deals and tea party republicans that is not responsible and unable a cut a decent policy deal often going flip-flopping and going back on their own positions if there's a way to stick it to the president. that creates a great -- >> that goes to the core of my problem. sometimes in the book you lay it out he is doing some sort of smart strategy, this long term thinking, et cetera, maybe you don't mean to say that is your opinion, but that's how it
7:53 pm
reads. how can this guy be so dense to figure out after three years the republicans aren't going to work with you. if you agree with them, they're going to use it as a great example to defeat you. >> i wouldn't call it brilliant but the political strategy he wanted to start the beginning of the tea party republican house the beginning of 2011 was to find a way to show the republicans are truly extreme and don't share most americans value and vision particularly in budgetary issues and we see that with the ryan budget. we see him gaining a lot of ground in terms of economic messages and such in contrast to the republicans the debt ceiling tussle was a tremendous ugly episode for all parties but he still came out of that with most americans believing that we need shared caching that we need more taxation on the wealthy on corporations in order to invest in the future and do something about long term did he have at this time issues.
7:54 pm
he kind of won that fight the way he played it. did he win the policy matters? you can't win policy matters anymore, because you have this republican house. all he can do at this stapling of the presidency is set up the better fight for the sessions to come after that. >> i got to leave it right there, but i got to tell you man, that's what drives me crazy. he think he has a brilliant political strategy. in the end what did you get elected for? it's policy. david, interesting book called showdown. thank you for joining us, really appreciate it. >> all right thanks, cenk. >> bull o'reilly, fox news all goinininininininininininininininininininininininininininininin capital one is issuing a venture double miles challenge. show us how much you spent last year and we'll give you 2 miles for every dollar spent
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>> so reverend al sharpton has been holding rallies for the trayvon martin family. let's watch. >> now the reporting on the case has been hysterical in some precincts. msnbc finds itself in a controversy. >> yeah, so now the start of this whole thing on cnn reliable sources saying how can he be an activist, attend these rallies and still cover this show? here's how. really simply. that's what we do. we have opinions. that's the new world. i mean, what are you from 1948? al sharpton is doing something great here. he should get praise for this. he's bringing this to light in a very positive way. that's the best
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